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At Potomac River Orthodontics, we're all about helping you unleash your PRO smile. With our compassion-led approach and commitment to lasting results, we're here to provide exceptional patient care that goes beyond expectations.

Our team is committed to creative solutions and focuses on delivering exceptional results, including the use of laser treatment for gums. Get ready to rock your smile and embrace the confidence that comes with it!

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We accept all insurances! Enjoy same-day starts, fewer in-office visits, and appointments that work with your schedule.

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From our brackets to our Invisalign aligners, we use only the best tech to give you the smile you deserve.

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Patients of all ages will receive a personalized treatment plan to ensure a confident, lasting PRO smile.

Trust the Ortho PRO.

Meet Dr. Owais, our board-certified orthodontist from northern Virginia. He’s a second generation dentist, and he hails from a lineage of metal-bending blacksmiths, finding himself right at home. Join him on a mission to make braces as fashionable as dad shoes.

Your path to a PRO smile.

Your journey to a PRO smile starts with a tailor-made treatment plan. Whether you need traditional braces, clear aligners, or a different innovative option, we will find the right solution to achieve the stunning results you desire.

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